Bible Classes

Bible Classes

Adult classes

Grace (N7) ~ Keith Corder, John Morgan ~ [view lessons]

Matthew (E1) ~ Tim Arden, Stuart Peck, Kevin Dalrymple ~  [view lessons]

I,II Peter / I, II, III John / Jude (E3) ~ Ed Hill, Dwayne Bronger, Damon Miller ~ [view lessons]

Daniel / Revelation (N2) ~ Morgan Tharp, Jeremy Bard ~ [view lessons]

Upcoming Schedule of Classes

Children and Teen classes

12-24 months (Room S9) ~ 
2 year olds (Room S1) ~ 
3 year olds (Room S6) ~ 
4-5 year olds (Room S3) ~ 
Kindergarden and 1st grade (Room N3) ~ 
2nd and 3rd grade (Room S4) ~ 
4th and 5th grade (Room N5) ~ 
6th, 7th and 8th grade (Room E2) ~ Tim Harney, Kyle Newton
High School ~ (Room E4) ~ Kevin Stockton, Nate Hawk

We want to welcome our many visitors and invite them to attend any of these classes. You are always welcome to study the Word of God together with us. Classes are on Sunday mornings at 9am and Wednesdays at 7pm. The first trimester for 2017 begins Sunday January 1st and concludes Sunday April 30th. We are always grateful for your presence and look forward to discussing any questions you may have. Once again we want to express our thanks to Gregg Shaw and Mark Jones for seeing that the classes are organized and prepared and seamlessly transition from one trimester to another. It is a great blessing for all those who attend and participate and who will prosper spiritually as a result.

". . . diligently study the Scriptures . . . by them you possess eternal life. These are the Scriptures that testify about me," John 5:39


Teaching Program Mission Statement

The mission of the teaching program will be to provide quality Bible teaching to all age groups at Traders Point. To stimulate the desire to learn God's word by teaching the scriptures in such a manner as to encourage participation in the classroom at all levels. To provide learning tools and aids to enhance the teaching and learning process. The teaching program will stress application to today's Christian. Family study is emphasized where appropriate to help stimulate family unity and growth in knowledge of the Bible. Study material will be provided to the teachers and classes that has been reviewed by experienced Bible teachers and approved by the elders.