We're simply Christians serving the Lord as He commands.

At Traders Point church of Christ, we earnestly serve God in the manner His word, the Bible, authorizes and commands. We are simply a group of Christians trying to live Christian lives. We gather regularly at our building to worship and study the Bible.

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New Auditorium Update

As you have probably noticed, brick is being laid on the building exterior right now; it's a great match to the existing brick!  Drywall work is currently being done inside the auditorium.  It is projected that we will be able to start using the new auditorium for worship in the middle of January.  At that point, construction will start on our current auditorium to build new restrooms, 4 large classrooms, and the hall that will lead into the new auditorium.

What To Expect When You Visit

Many people are hesitant to attend worship services at an unfamiliar church. To help alleviate any apprehensions you may have regarding this congregation, we would like to explain what you can expect when you visit with us at the Traders Point church of Christ. [read more]

Thursday April 17 2014

Old Testament: Josh 5-7 Josh 5-7

(Daily Reading, ESV)