About Us

About Us

The Church

It was conceived in the mind of God (Eph. 3:10-11). It was founded by Christ. It was promised by Him (Matt. 16:18) and it was built by Him (Acts 2:41-47) [read more]


Our Elders

Our elders are the answer to the New Testament’s commands for organization in the local church. [read more]


Our Deacons

Like our Elders, our Deacons are an answer to the bible’s teaching on the organization of the local church. [read more]


Our Evangelists

The evangelist is the one who preaches and teaches God’s Word. Although any male Christian can preach or teach publicly, there are men that have dedicated their lives to the Lord’s service in preaching God’s Word.


Our Members

Our members are Christians. The bible teaches that the early disciples of Jesus were called Christian first at the church in Antioch (Acts 11:26). [read more]